Eileen is the current city council president for the city of Rhinelander. She was humbled to be elected to serve the city, and is not shy about standing her ground when it comes to issues she is passionate about. She prides herself on being able to dig down on an issue and get to the root of the problem, and will take the time necessary to get answers for her constituents. She looks forward to doing that for all those in District 34 when elected to the Assembly. Additionally, she looks forward to being a voice for any Wisconsinite who feels they are being marginalized.

She decided to become involved in local politics when, while talking to another person about local issues, she found herself about to ask them “If you care so much about it, why don’t you run for office?”Instead, she asked herself the same question and decided to start the process of running for city council. After winning, she realized there was so much more that could be done at the state level that could not only benefit the Northwoods, but Wisconsin overall. When the opportunity arose to run for state assembly, she once again asked herself the same question and began taking steps to become a candidate.

Eileen Daniel has lived all over the country, but when she landed in Rhinelander in February of 2004, she knew she was home. She’s raised her three children here, all of whom have been educated in the Rhinelander Public Schools. Two have graduated, and her third starts high school in the fall. Her husband, Gilbert, is a Navy veteran and truck driver. Her whole family understands the stakes at hand and fully supports her bid.

Eileen’s campaign team assembles for an important meeting.